An end-to-end coreless banking platform provider to accelerate the world's transition to accessible and innovative banking.

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Built for banks, non-banks, fintechs, you

Build for any customer need with the world's most adaptable banking platform, featuring configurable and composable components for the fastest time to value.

Endless possibilities

Unlock endless possibilities with our highly configurable and scalable microservices architecture, partnering with the best in the industry to offer 172 services, 8 foundational engines, and every available API.

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Our Products

Redefine your banking. Our coreless platform delivers a suite of advanced features and tools, designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of banks and non-banks alike. Choose one of our out-of-the-box solutions or create your own with the components you need.

Current accounts

XYB's current account proposition is a flexible, scalable and modular solution that allows clients to launch rapidly, in multiple currencies.

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Access APIs and data faster and more securely with our state-of-the-art gateway, and build an omnichannel experience.

  • Mobile API

  • Backoffice API

  • Analytics API

  • OpenBanking API

  • Partners API

  • Website API


Our services harness the full potential of our engines to deliver personalized and seamless customer journeys.

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Customer onboarding

  • Account opening

  • Card lifecycle management

  • Disputes management

  • Customer lifecycle management

  • Case & complaints management

  • Data management

  • Payment & cash management

  • Interest, fees & tax management


Our microservices-based engine powers our modular and modern platform, allowing for flexible and efficient system upgrades.

  • Fees

  • Credit

  • Interest

  • Localisation

  • Risk & policy

  • Account

  • Payment

  • Ledger

  • Tax

  • Credit decisioning

  • Card

Unconditional flexibility

Mix and match the services you need, own what you want, and deploy instantly.

  • Upgrade a vertical slice

    Create a modernised slice of end-to-end tech which operates adjacently to your main organisation

  • Transcend the monolith

    An orchestration middleware layer above your monolith though which you can benefit from our functionality and services

  • Upgrade a capability

    Remedy a problematic area of your capabilities with XYB; accelerate a solution which eases operational pressure

  • Bank in a box

    Open an account with XYB and access fully hosted bank-in-a-box. Start from scratch or migrate existing clients

Beyond technology

We don't stop at providing a cutting-edge platform. We offer managed services for client onboarding, risk and compliance, customer support, and more, to accelerate our clients' time to value.

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  • Customer service
  • Task board

World-class talent

Our platform is the result of years of iteration, refinement, and testing. We're proud to say that it's far superior to others in the market, thanks to our team's experience in building and running Monese - a digital bank that has been serving over 4 million customers across 32 countries for the past 10 years.

Want to make your idea a reality?

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